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I wasn't practicing much of anything then, but I think that remark was a faith affirmation of sorts. Since then, Jody and I have been having the God conversation for more than thirty years. Sometimes talking with her about being Catholic has helped keep me faithful to worship when I've floundered. Our conversations have been helpful to me in figuring out how to teach my children about Sabbath and Torah. Without Jody and the Chabad website, I wouldn't be half the Irish Shabbos Balabusta I am today.

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Some fellow Roman Catholics inform me that what they would call my pluralism makes me a terrible Catholic. But because I take seriously the idea that the mind of a creator God defies parsing and fathoming, I am comfortable imagining that my conception of the true God may be just a glint or shard of the infinitely more colossal Divine. I'm reasonably intelligent but I don't know God's mind neither does anyone else. I recognize that at the end of days we might all be right. Or wrong. Or that some of us will be correct and others, not. Or that maybe our whole conception of being right might be rendered moot by a God that exists beyond the reach of our knowing and imagining.

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During my junior year in college I lived in a campus apartment with three other young women. One of my roommates, Jody, came in one April afternoon with a bag of groceries, cleaned out the fridge and claimed a Passover shelf therein. Jody had grown up in a kosher home and was, in the limited ways she was able, trying to keep the kashrut (kosher) ball in the air. I came into the kitchen to find two of the roommates and Jody engaged in a conversation about her plan to claim a 'kosher for Passover' section in the fridge. Our apartment was hardly kosher, her friends pointed out. Jody's plan seemed to make no sense. Sometimes there was even bacon in the fridge. I chimed in: "Of course it makes sense! Every time she opens the fridge for one of those yogurts she has to think about Passover, God and being Jewish."

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How can I find any prayer without Christ in it meaningful and valid? Part of the answer is that because Christ is in me and with me I don't feel the need to parade Christ the concept and victor into places where doing so would be disrespectful.

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